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Example: If you are enrolling in the entire Associate of Ministry program and wish to receive the 25% discount, then enter $675 into the amount field of the payment page. If you are applying for a doctorate level program and you wish to pay per course, enter only $150 for your one course or $300 to enroll in two doctoral courses.


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Undergraduate Programs

Associate of Ministry
Associate of Biblical Studies
Bachelor of Ministry
Bachelor of Biblical Studies 

Bachelor of Christian Counseling


Pay per course: $45 per course ($15 per credit hour)

Master’s Programs

Master of Ministry
Master of Biblical Studies
Master of Theological Studies
Master of Christian Counseling
Master of Divinity
Master of Theology


Pay per course: $90 per course ($30 per credit hour)

Doctorate Programs

Doctor of Ministry
Doctor of Biblical Studies
Doctor of Theology
Doctor of Philosophy


Pay per course: $135 per course ( $45 per credit hour)